Bible Study Media, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation in the State of Florida founded by The Rev. Charlie Holt, the rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lake Mary, FL


The mission of Bible Study Media, Inc. is to foster a Biblically-literate church in North America through the production of engaging, faithful and accessible Christian teaching resources for the Church and individuals.


Resources that captivate the imagination and encourage transformational life change.



Teachings must remain within the mainstream of creedal Christianity with a high view of the authority and relevance of the Bible as God’s word.



Bible Study Media will use all of the best media technologies, tools and practices in order to create resources that can be readily incorporated into the daily life of the individual Christian and corporate community of the Church.

Other Projects

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.17.08 AM is an interactive website with daily readings,devotionals and weekly study guides (print and audio) on every book in the Bible. The site is designed to be a tool to support reading the Bible in one year. Plans for future development of this resource include video and curriculum for small group and individual study of the Bible.


A Lectionary Based Anglican Children’s Curriculum


The goal of this future project is to create an interactive, Scripture based, Anglican Curriculum that follows the three-year cycle of readings for the Sunday worship services.


Please Support Us!

We need your support and partnership to foster a Biblically-literate church in North America!


To donate to the ongoing work of Bible Study Media, Inc. click here or contact The Rev. Charlie Holtfor more information.

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