resurrected life

The Resurrected Life: Making All Things New

New Life! It is Something we all want. But how do we find it?


The Bible promises that those who are in Christ are “new creatures.” But how does that transformation take place? What does it look like to live on the other side of the cross? This unique Easter-season curriculum provides a space in which we can discover what it truly means to live a new life.


The Resurrected Life Devotional provides a daily Scripture and meditation by which you’ll learn how Jesus Christ is making all things new—right now! The small-group study & DVD teaching series explores seven key areas of life transformation as Jesus heals, redeems and makes us new. Hear in-depth Biblical teaching and openly discuss the power of God in Christ in community.


As you walk through the curriculum as a congregation together, you’ll find that the glory of the Resurrected Life is the power of the Church. Christ’s resurrection from the dead gives us new and abundant life. So strengthen the bonds of community, grow together and allow your lives to be powerfully changed by the truths you discover. Begin the journey to New Life!

Sessions Included

Session One

All Things New:

Overcoming Doubt and Fear

Session Two

New Life:

Letting Go and Letting God

Session Three

New Temple:

Inviting God’s Presence

Session Four

New Body:

Manifesting Jesus

Session Five

New Covenant:

Experiencing Resurrection Power

Session Six

New Creation:

Stewarding the Good News

Session Seven

New Day:

Living in the “Now” but “Not Yet”